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Hiring new employees can usher in new ideas, strategies and processes that could ultimately boost your pro tability. Here we outline some key points to consider if you’re planning to expand your workforce.
Know the legal requirements
Legal obligations, such
as equalities law, can permeate every aspect
of the hiring process. It is important to protect your business by reviewing
your compliance before undertaking any recruiting.
Assess your staf ng needs
It is essential to consider carefully how many new members of staff you require and exactly which functions they will ful l. Considering the required skill sets and the precise number of individuals required can help to
re ne advertisements and attract the most suitable applicants. Learning from employee exit interviews, as well as reviewing your competitors’ offerings, can help you to secure the best candidates.
Review your job advertisement process Having the details planned in advance can help to minimise the cost and disruption to your business. Consider where you’ll advertise, the main duties of the role(s), salaries, bene ts and how the selection process will advance.
Plan for additional costs
Taking on new employees will have implications for your business’s  nances. Advertising alone could potentially involve a hefty sum. Increased national insurance contributions should be taken into account – though some smaller businesses could  nd these offset by claiming Employment Allowance.
Income tax deductions will also have to be made for new employees under the
Pay as You Earn (PAYE) system. And don’t forget
- employers are now required to auto-enrol
staff into a workplace pension scheme and make a minimum employer contribution to the scheme.
Make arrangements for an induction and training Finally, implementing a sound induction process and providing the relevant training programmes may prove to be a deal-maker for a new employee. Starting a new job may seem daunting, but having an effective process in place will help to ensure a smooth settling in period for both your business and your employees.
Careful planning can help to improve the recruitment process and keep your business costs to a minimum. For more information on managing your business, please contact us.
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