2015 BPS Payments- A Quick Check

Published on 18th October 2016

George Whittaker of Laurence Gould Partnership has put together this useful guide to checking that farmers have been fully paid for 2015. Given the computer problems suffered by the RPA, a review of your own situation may pay dividends.

Laurence Gould’s experience is that a large proportion of farmers were underpaid for their 2015 BPS claim by the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) and do not realise.

The RPA are only checking payments made when they are notified that an error has occurred.

The RPA are now making payments to address incorrect amounts received for the 2015 scheme year.

A quick check for 2015 BPS payments, for claims over €2000 (including greening) but under €150,000 (excluding greening) for non SDA claims can be made as follows:

Expected Payment = (Area in Ha x £178.848/ha) + £20.37

Please note this figure will not be exact but will give a good guide as to the correct figure.

Use the area claimed on your 2015 form assuming you had sufficient entitlements available for 2015.

Common areas that have caused incorrect payments include:

• RPA mapping changes – Incorrect/delayed RPA interpretation of RLE1 forms
• Greening miscalculations – Greening penalties incorrectly applied
• Greening exemptions – RPA not applied exemptions, particularly organic
• RPA changes of land use codes
• Commons – Delays in payments and accuracy
• Missing fields – RPA incorrectly excluding fields on claims
• Random unexplainable errors

If you would like to discuss any of these issues further, please contact George Whittaker at Laurence Gould LLP on 01458 241901