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Going green… and making savings for your business

Depending on the size of your business, there are a variety of tax reliefs available if you can demonstrate that you’re operating in a more environmentally friendly way.

We understand that this can be a daunting area, particularly if you are running a small business, but we are here to give you a helping hand.

Our first recommendation is always to conduct an energy audit. Through this process we’ll help you gain a clear picture of what your options are. We can cost up any changes that you’re considering implementing and advise on what government support is available so that you can weigh these up against the practicalities and long-term financial benefits.

In some cases, implementing relatively small changes to your business processes can result in a significant increase in energy efficiency, benefiting both the environment and the bottom line. In other cases, it’s advisable to continue using your existing technology but start using it more efficiently. There are circumstances in which this can be more cost-effective than switching to new green technology.

As an expert in this area, our partner Mary Jane Campbell is able to talk through the options with you in straightforward terms so that you can ensure you apply the most efficient technology for your individual business needs. She can also advise you on how to structure any future tax savings.

Our advice covers the following areas:

  • Wind power technology
  • Solar power and solar thermal technology
  • Heat pumps
  • Heating schemes and incentives
  • Anaerobic digestives

Our top tips for going green:

  • Conduct an energy audit
  • Look at the whole picture and think about practicalities, not just tax breaks
  • Don’t spend money on new technology without weighing up all the options first
  • Invest for the right reasons and do what’s going to work for you
  • Always apply the most efficient technology for your individual business needs
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