Tax Investigations

Published on 7th October 2016

HMRC are watching you; they hold more information than the British Library

Year on year HMRC is targeted to increase revenue from tax compliance to reduce the tax gap, which currently stands at £34bn. In order to achieve these targets, HMRC is investing an extra £800m on compliance activity, with £300m specifically set aside to target SMEs and High Net Worth Individuals.

Protect yourself against the costs and hassle of HMRC investigations into your affairs with our Tax Investigation Service. As well as access to a free 24 hour business legal helpline, this service covers you for up to £100,000 in professional fees against a range of common investigations. Tax Investigations protection is just as important as protecting your business from unpredicted buildings, contents or car damage. The annual fee is small in comparison to the cost of an investigation so it is definitely worth having.

Available only to Simpkins Edwards clients, subscribers will need only engage us to manage any enquiry if and when it is forthcoming. For more information visit