Global Veterinary Careers

Vets, like doctors, have a global appeal. It’s not uncommon to have overseas vets coming to the UK to work in practices, and it’s also increasingly the norm for UK vets to take time out and travel to new locations internationally.

Recognising that wanderlust within the sector is a growing market, recruitment expert Adam Turner set up Exeter-based Global Veterinary Careers (GVC) in March 2018 to satisfy both UK and international demand for veterinary staff.

Providing a one-stop recruitment and placing portal for veterinary professionals of all levels and disciplines in all parts of the world, GVC’s success has been electrifying, growing from a team of two to eight in just over a year. By the end of 2019, Adam plans to double headcount and open an office in Australia.

The success of the business has been built on GVC’s innovative solutions. Within the UK market, GVC helps veterinary professionals take the next step in their career, providing permanent placements as well as temporary cover to address sickness, maternity leave, expansion and busier periods for vet practices across the UK. But what really sets GVC apart is their approach to temp solutions.

“Unlike our competitors, we guarantee payment to temporary staff on a weekly basis”, says Adam. “This is a game changer, as many placement agencies insist on temporary staff billing practices direct. As a result, they are not on the payroll, they have to handle NI and IR35, and have no certainty of when they’ll be paid, which can take months. We take that hassle and uncertainty away.”
For the global market, Adam’s team make the process of overseas work simple too. From sourcing work to booking flights, securing visas and providing arrangements for accommodation, Global Veterinary Careers provides a total service that makes overseas veterinary work simple and easy.

“We’re distinctly different from other recruitment and placement businesses in the sector,” says Adam. “Most are UK-focussed only, which is rather blinkered.

“Having worked in the sector for over 13 years, we knew that just as there are large numbers of veterinary professionals looking to work in the UK  from countries such as Spain, Italy, Portugal and Eastern Europe, there are a huge number of UK qualified vets and veterinary staff interested in taking working holidays for six months to two years around the globe. Nobody was really catering for this market, so alongside our UK-focussed service, we developed a roots and branch solution to permanent and fixed contract employment internationally.”

“Today, we’re placing vets and veterinary staff around the world, ranging from practices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to veterinary surgeries in Australia  and New Zealand. Then, on their return, we find them positions in the UK, offering a seamless solution.”

Helping him on his journey has been Simpkins Edwards. Mark Simic, partner at the firm, knew Adam well – the pair played football together – so from the very seed of an idea to its realisation, Simpkins Edwards has had a hand in helping Adam make his dream a reality.

“Mark and his team have been fantastic from day one. I was a complete novice when it came to handling accounts, but Mark and his team have guided me  all the way with regular meetings and insightful advice. They provide a total outsourced solution and look after both my business and personal accounts.

“They’ve guided me through the process of setting up the company and dealt with Companies House, giving me the time to focus on the business. Now, I work closely with Simpkins Edwards’ Sonia Cleave and Sam Johnson on a weekly basis.

“On the temp side alone, they collate all the timesheets, issue 50-60 invoices per week and handle payment of all the temps. They keep a close eye on everything on the accounting side, so I don’t have to.

“From month to month, I know exactly how much I need to set aside for VAT, Corporation Tax and working capital. I also have a clear view on profit, enabling me to plan for future investment in the business. Their ongoing support on all aspects of the business is vital to our success and growth.”

Simpkins Edwards provides Adam with its ‘Plan With Confidence’ fixed-fee, hands-on outsourced accounting solution, processing invoices, reconciling invoices and handling all bookkeeping.

“We advise Adam on cash flow forecasts and changes in overheads so that he can see the breakeven point,” says Mark Simic. “We ensure that all the key stats and facts are flagged on a monthly basis, providing reports and analytical reviews.

“We also provide broader business advice so that Adam can grow GVC sustainably and effectively. This has encompassed everything from advising on the structure of the business and providing guidance on tax efficient profit extraction, to guiding Adam on staff bonus packages, ensuring that he attracts the very best advisors into the business.”

With Simpkins Edwards’ help, Adam is moving on to the next stage of GVC’s growth. He plans to have 2-3 staff in Melbourne by the end of 2019, offering the same temp, recruitment and placement service as in the UK.

“It’s been a period of rapid growth for the business, which simply wouldn’t have been possible without Simpkins Edwards,” says Adam. “Thanks to their guidance, advice and support, we have a bright and exciting future, helping vets and veterinary staff reach their potential wherever they are in the world.” – 0330 1135 222