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Our Accountancy Specialisms

With over five decades’ experience serving a diverse range of clients in the South West, we possess an unbeatable depth of knowledge across a wide range of industry sectors.

Our specialist partners and teams can provide expert advice on everything from farming and agriculture, to military tax allowances. We’re here to help you make the most of your planning opportunities so that you can grow with confidence.

Trusts & Estates


Our dedicated team help you plan for the future in the most efficient way – protecting you and your beneficiaries from unexpected tax bills.

Trusts can serve a wide range of purposes for a broad cross-section of circumstances. Common uses include:

• Management of assets for someone unable to manage them for themselves

• Protecting family assets

• Protecting funds for a specified purpose – such as education

• To pass on assets before or after death

Our services include:

• Suitability advice

• Tax implications

• Trust administration

• Trust planning assistance

• Trustee and beneficiary advice

• We can also act as a Trustee for your Trust

Simpkins Edwards are trusted partners in all other areas of estate planning – from advising on tax efficient wills to our fully licensed probate service.

We understand the sensitivities and needs in this area, staying abreast of your requirements under the law, as well as the ways in which you can be more efficient.

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