Mr Devons

I have been a client of Simpkins Edwards for over 10 years during which time the firm has provided me with consistent and invaluable support during the period I practiced as a sole trading PR Consultant and through to incorporation of the business. This has included my annual accounts, personal and corporation tax, VAT returns and training for my own accounts package. Between the strategic advice provided by partner Mary Jane Campbell and the hands-on practicality and financial hand-holding from the meticulous Rebekah Randall, Simpkins Edwards has always given me the confidence to act in the knowledge that support will be there when I need it. They have looked after me without being intrusive, made suggestions where they thought I could benefit and, by keeping ahead of the game and ensuring that I understand my finances and tax situation far in advance, they have never sprung any nasty surprises on me. I’d certainly recommend them.

Mr Devons – February 2019