R J MacBean and Sons

In 1973, father, “R. J. MacBean” decided that with his three sons, David, Rodney and Peter, all working from home on a medium sized mixed farm, the opportunity to treat them all fairly and equally was going to be difficult. So with their agreement, he formed the R J MacBean & Sons partnership using the advice of Mr F S Hurndall Waldrons. The business could now expand with all concerned have an equal share and commitment. The following years saw father (Reg) st the helm, under pressure from three sons to expand, purchase neighbouring land to increase the acreage to around 500 acres with two dairy herds, a sow farrowing unit, flock of sheep, contracting business, plus Christmas turkeys and farmhouse B&B on two farms by wives Margaret and Suzanne. Inevitably as Roger German put it (nothing is forever), father retired from the partnership, and later in 2003, David died, causing a sharing of assets between families. On the recommendation of a friend, this is where Simpkins Edwards came in when Mary Jane Campbell accepted to help with obvious paperwork, annual returns, tax planning, accounting etc. Since that time we have received courteous and professional service from Simpkins Edwards, Peter and I would have no hesitation in recommending their firm to any new clients. As “R.J. MacBean & Sons” has now expanded to include our wives Suzanne and Amanda, future accounting will still need professional advice and I believe we are in the right hands.

R J MacBean and Sons – March 2019