Stock Farm

Video transcript


Veronica Ley – The farm is a beef and sheep farm and we have in the past few years tried to focus on the environment. It’s really rewarding to see the difference that has made.

Veronica Ley – Simpkins Edwards help us with obviously our farm accounts. That’s the major bulk of our enterprise. We’ve also got the holiday homes in Croyde.

Veronica Ley – Mary Jane and I get on very well. Being a fellow farmer, we had a natural rapport, so I actually felt that she understood us and understood our business.

Mary Jane Campbell – I look after a range of farmers from very small retirees to part-timers to some very big concerns - I’m looking at multi-million-pound turnovers. All businesses rural I have some affinity with.

Veronica Ley – Seashells has obviously been a recent rebuild. We were doing that about five years ago and we went to Simpkins Edwards then to get the most out of our capital allowances.

Veronica Ley – Simpkins Edwards have been very proactive when it comes to new legislation. They invite us to several seminars which helps us look at certain things that perhaps we hadn’t looked at before and that’s really helpful.

Mary Jane Campbell – I like dealing with Veronica and Stock Farm because we have a good rapport and I think I can understand her dilemmas and there’s a lot of anxiety about rural changes and we try to take some of the worry out of these things by providing the information and assistance where it can be given. And as the years go by, you watch the family develop and circumstances change, and this has been a delight to work with.

Veronica Ley – Simpkins Edwards stand out form the crowd because I think of their long-established relationship with the farming industry. The amount of time that we’ve had with them, they really know us as well.