Choosing an online book keeping package

Published on 21st October 2016

With an eye on “Making Tax Digital” it’s time to look at the features that will appeal to farmers with […]

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Making Tax Digital

Published on 20th October 2016

The government have plans to get tax returns to go digital and have put out 6 consultation papers which give […]

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Milk Production Reduction Scheme

Published on 19th October 2016

The scheme, which is voluntary, pays milk producers who reduce the amount of cows’ milk they deliver to first purchasers […]

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2015 BPS Payments- A Quick Check

Published on 18th October 2016

George Whittaker of Laurence Gould Partnership has put together this useful guide to checking that farmers have been fully paid […]

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Life after Brexit

Published on 17th October 2016

Prior to the referendum the debates were heated and at times bad tempered, now the industry has to work together […]

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Apprentice – Abbie Lawless

Published on 11th October 2016

Whilst studying for A2 History, Philosophy and English Literature at Exeter College, Abigail Lawless discovered that University was not the […]

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All eyes on the new Chancellor this Autumn

Published on 10th October 2016

The dramatic events of the summer, which saw both the Prime Minister and the Chancellor leave office swiftly after the […]

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Are you sitting comfortably? Managing well-being in the workplace

Published on 7th October 2016

Taking steps to ensure the health and safety of your workforce is not only a legal requirement: effectively managing employees’ […]

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Tax Investigations

Published on 7th October 2016

HMRC are watching you; they hold more information than the British Library Year on year HMRC is targeted to increase […]

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Client focus: The Group of Seven – The changing landscape of design

Published on 6th October 2016

Named after a group of Canadian landscape artists practising in the 1920s-30s, The Group of Seven is a design and […]

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