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Commissioning HR

May 12th, 2023


Alison Lambert, who provides a wide range of professional HR services for clients that either have no HR resources or need to supplement their in-house team with strategic, operational or project-based HR provision, approached Simpkins Edwards for advice on setting up her business Commissioning HR in 2014. At that point, she was unsure whether to go down the sole trader or limited company route and needed guidance.

Having researched the subject she’d attempted to set up her own business but, finding it hugely complicated, realised that turning to qualified professionals for advice was by far the best option.


After consulting with Simpkins Edwards partner Jon Williams, who advised her on the pros and cons of both, Alison decided to set up her own limited company, the structure of which allows her room to grow in a professional manner.

Simpkins Edwards handled this process, dealt with her VAT registration and has gone on to prepare annual accounts, corporation and income tax returns and advise on tax, expenses and VAT issues.

Simpkins Edwards also provides advice on how to extract profit from the company in the most efficient way, and Jon and his team continue to offer ad-hoc support as Alison requires it.

“I’m grateful to have a professional team to turn to as I grow what is a very young business. Knowing that my company is set up completely professionally is invaluable and I can rely on Simpkins Edwards to help me with a whole range of business, tax and accounting issues as the company develops. This support allows me to focus my time and energy on working with my clients, continuing my own CPD and growing the business.”

Alison Lambert, Commissioning HR

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